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Dock Lights

A Dock Light for Every Application

Designed for a variety of warehouse and work space conditions, our high quality dock lights, from the industry leading Tri Lite Inc, come with a legacy of over half a decade in the lighting industry. Working together we bring you time tested reliable products with cUL, UL, CE, & ROHS certifications, along with a full lineup of parts and guaranteed warranty service.

HD LED Dock Lights - Provide peak LUX, durability, and energy savings you wont find with any other dock light. In the course of it's lifetime energy use, you'll save up to $2000 dollars over what you'd spend for an incandescent fixture. In addition to energy savings, the HDLED dock lights rugged cast aluminum housing is not only durable, but comes with an IP66 rating making it ideal for wet environments.

Stop and Go Traffic Lights - Simplify communication between trailer tractor and forklift operators with intuitive red green signals indicating when a door is safe to use. Easy to operate and install, the stop and go light system is ready for use on it's own or in a loading dock system utilizing dock locks or limit switches. Choose from stand alone drone units or coupled sets for use inside and outside the dock.

Dock Guide Lights - Minimize offside docking and damage to your equipment or building with a set of dock guide lights. Designed to be mounted to either side of your door opening, dock guide lights give trailer tractor operators a clear reference point for the correct position when backing up to your dock.

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hdled dock light

HDLED Dock Lights

The Tri Lite Heavy Duty LED Dock Light (HDLED) is the latest in advanced LED lighting technology. Using up to 94% less energy than traditional incandescent while matching or exceeding the lumens of a 300 watt bulb, the HDLED provides the most economic energy consumption at 19 watts. Constructed of a completely sealed durable aluminum cast housing, the HDLED head is perfect for outdoor/indoor wet/dry or dirty conditions. This light head has an operating range 0°F – 130°F making it perfect for refrigerated and high temperature locations. Completely sealed polycarbonate lens and enclosure, rated "Wet Locations" IP66, NEMA4 ensure performance in food warehouses where broken glass from blow outs and impacts is a concern. Rugged design and near instant peak lumens after activation make this light a must have for any serious loading dock operation

Stop and go lights

Stop and Go Traffic Lights

The red green traffic signals, commonly called stop and go lights, alert both loading dock operators and freight drivers of the current status at the loading dock. Indicating when it is safe to load or pull away from the dock, the intuitive design works as either a lone drone unit or as a system communicating between an exterior SG10 unit and interior SG20 unit. They also work great for secured access buildings, theme parks, garages, car washes, drive through, weight scales, and motor raceways.

Dock Guide Lights

Dock Guide Lights

Improve depth perception and Keep drivers on track with a set of dock guide lights (DGL). Designed to indicate to freight operators the ideal docking position, the DGL effectively reduces the risk of freight trailer operators missing the bumpers and impacting the wall they double as a secondary guide to ensure proper docking with your dock seals. Dock guide lights are yet another vital innovation specifically made to improve communication and ensure your loading environment is safe and efficient.
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October 31, 2019

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