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Loading Dock Bumpers

We supply styles of loading dock bumpers intended for use on loading docks, dock equipment, trucks, and within the warehouse or home. Choose from Laminated Bumpers, Extruded Bumpers, Molded Bumpers, or Steel Faced Bumpers.

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Dock Bumper Selection Guide

Laminated Dock Bumpers

Laminated Dock Bumper

The standard laminated Dock Bumper offers the greatest balance between impact absorption and life time use. Models in stock ready to ship.

Applications & Features
  • For docks with level approach
  • Open Loading Docks
  • Docks with pit levelers
  • 5 year warranty
  • 4.5" to 6" Thick
  • Lengths up to 36"
  • Available with angles or flat plates

Extra length Dock Bumpers

Extra Length Dock Bumper

For refrigerated docks and open loading docks the extra length dock bumper offers total dock coverage while also acting as a bottom seal for your dock door. 

Applications & Features
  • Refrigerated Docks
  • Open Loading Docks
  • 1 year warranty
  • 4.5" to 6" thick
  • Lengths up to 123"
  • Available with angles or flat plates

Extra Thick Dock Bumpers

Extra Thick Dock Bumper

For use on loading docks with decline approaches. Models in stock ready to ship.

Applications & Features
  • Docks with decline approach
  • 8" to 12" thick
  • Lengths up to 36"
  • Available with angles or flat plates

Steel Faced Dock Bumpers

Steel Faced Dock Bumper

Reduces excess wear from trailer float while handling heavy loads or air ride trailers. Models in stock ready to ship.

Applications & Features
  • Docks receiving air ride trailers
  • Oversize forklifts
  • Heavy loads
  • 5 year warranty
  • 3/8" thick steel face plate
  • 5.25" to 6.75" thick
  • Lengths up to 36"
  • Available with angles or flat plates

Molded Dock Bumpers

Molded Dock Bumper

For use on specialized equipment like dock levelers or open loading docks.

Applications & Features
  • Dock levelers
  • Light duty docks
  • Open loading docks
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fiber Reinforced Prime Rubber
  • Models range from 2" to 6" thick

Extruded Dock Bumpers

Extruded Dock Bumpers

For use in a range of applications ranging from warehouse wall protection to equipment or vehicles. Appropriate for outdoor or indoor protection.  

Applications & Features
  • D shape or flat E
  • Trucks and other equipment
  • Warehouse walls
  • 1 year warranty
  • EPDM (Black)
  • Range from 1.5" to 6" thick

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Prevent trailer creep and drive offs with Wheel chocks. All models meet OSHA specification 1910.178 (k).

Applications & Features Material
  • Prevents trailer creep
  • Inhibit drive offs
  • Up to 5 year warranty
  • Aluminum
  • Urethane
  • Laminated Bumper Material
  • Fiber Reinforced Molded Rubber 

Dura-Soft Dock Bumpers

Dura-Soft Dock Bumpers have an unparalleled ability to deflect and absorb shock with a loop design laminated bumper beneath a floating steel-face.
Click the picture to go to our Dura-Soft Product page.

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molded 2 hole DB-13 Bumper
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DB-13 Molded Dock Bumper
4" Thick x 10"High x 13" Long

Molded Bumper Model R
Reg. Price:
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4" Thick x 12"High x 13" Long
Type R Bumper
Edge of dock leveler bumper

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40" Double Strut Adjustable Dock Light Arm
Polycarbonate Light Head
Rated for up to 150 watts
UL listed

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dockboard
Reg. Price:
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Capacity: 15,000 lbs
Size: 60" Wide x 60" long
7" height range for all equipment
9" height range for gas forklifts

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