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Dock Boards & Ramps

Dock Boards

​​Dock Boards & Levelers

Dock Board with 2 pins

Dock Board Model T
15,000 - 60,000 lbs Capacity

The most common style of dock Board on the market, the Model T dock board offers both the capacities and lengths required to handle demanding loading environments. Ideal for use with forklifts and other large equipment requiring higher capacities.
  • All-welded steel construction
  • 4 four-hole pin pockets
  • Fold-down lifting loops
  • Double-bend design
  • Common sizes in stock
Dock Board with 4 pins

Dock Board Model C
15,000 - 60,000 lbs Capacity

Built to handle the widest variety of trailer types and docking conditions, the Model C dock Boards unique dual pin locking system makes it the most versatile dock board on the market. Ideal for use on tough park out, lift gate trailer, and angled docking applications.

  • For difficult trailer-to-dock positions
  • Safely load at an angle
  • Dual-pin locking system
  • Fold-down lifting loops
  • All-welded steel construction
  • Full length pin hole placements
  • Ideal for Parkouts
Dock Leveling ramp

Dock Levelers
20,000 lbs - 40,000 lbs Capacity

Eliminate the need to pick up, place, and store a cumbersome dock board by permanently affixing a pit leveler or dock face mounted edge of dock leveler. Available in a wide range of sizes and add on features.

  • Mounts Permanently
  • No Dock Boards to store
  • Reach greater heights
  • Speed up the loading and unloading process
  • Increases Dock Safety

Light Duty Dock Boards & Dock Plates

Dock Plate


Hand portable and light weight, dock plates are an ideal dock board alternative for freight drivers and small loading operations requiring the ability to ramp up curbs and onto trucks.

  • For Non-Powered Loading Applications
  • Heavy Duty & Light Duty Ramp Models
  • Bolt on Steel Legs For Securement
  • Hand Portable via Hand Hold Punchouts
  • Slip Resistant Diamond Deck Aluminum
Aluminum Dock Board

10,000 or 15,000 lbs Capacity

Aluminum Dock boards offer the capacities of a steel board, with the benefit of corrosion resistance and lighter weights only aluminum can provide. Ideal for loading docks without a forklift or where sea air and dock board weight is a concern.
  • Full-length structural steel bolt-on curbs
  • Available in All Aluminum (Model ATD)
  • For use with Pallet Trucks & Forklifts
  • Stock to Overnight Production
Steel Dock Board

10,000 or 13,000 lbs Capacity

A lower cost alternative to the Model T dock board the Model SC offers a limited capacity range for loading operations were motorized equipment and light duty forklifts are in use.
  • Lifting chains included
  • Single Bend Design
  • For use with Pallet Trucks & Forklifts

Steel vs Aluminum Dock Boards

Aluminum Dock Boards

  • Light Weight
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • ​(Optional) Non Sparking Curbs
  • Fixed Capacity
  • Slip Resistant Diamond Deck
  • Steel Curbs
  • (Optional) Ez Roll Mobility Attachment
  • Single Bend Design
  • Limited Capacity Range
  • ​Steel legs Only

Capacity Range: 10,000 lbs. - 15,000 lbs.

A step up from dock plates, aluminum dock boards offer fixed capacities and increased deflection resistance for longer life and runoff protection. The bolt on steel curbs provide an additional benefit for loading docks in need of higher capacities, yet have no forklift on site, via the bolt on Ez Roll Handles.

EZ Roll Handles
Designed for after market or post purchase, the EZ roll handle simply affixes to the bolt on steel curbs. It works by using leverage to raise the board onto its caster wheels for simple movement and placement.   

All Dock Plates are manufactured and Tested in Compliance with ANSI standard MH30.2 

Steel Dock Boards

  • Highest available capacities
  • More durable than Aluminum
  • ​All Welded Steel Curbs
  • Steel locking legs or Pins
  • Slip resistant Diamond Deck
  • Certain models reach up to 21"
  • Double Bend Design
  • Heavy
  • Forklift required to place

Capacity Range: 10,000 lbs. - 40,000 lbs.
​(Higher Capacities Available)

Steel Dock boards are designed in a variety of configurations and materials depending on the application. Standard Dock Boards are available with optional steel legs or the standard adjustable pin locking system.

Double Bend Design
Double bend dock boards offer smoother transitions on and off the trailer.

Pin Locking System
Unlike steel legs, dock boards with steel pins offer a variable lip length that allows a single board to handle both standard trailers as well as refrigerated trailers. Boards and plates with legs aren't capable of increasing their lip length to accommodate both types of trailers; requiring two boards on site to load both types. 
All Dock Boards are manufactured and Tested in Compliance with ANSI standard MH30.2 

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molded 2 hole DB-13 Bumper
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DB-13 Molded Dock Bumper
4" Thick x 10"High x 13" Long

Molded Bumper Model R
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4" Thick x 12"High x 13" Long
Type R Bumper
Edge of dock leveler bumper

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40" Double Strut Adjustable Dock Light Arm
Polycarbonate Light Head
Rated for up to 150 watts
UL listed

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dockboard
Reg. Price:
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Capacity: 15,000 lbs
Size: 60" Wide x 60" long
7" height range for all equipment
9" height range for gas forklifts

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