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Loading Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers

Maintenance free, weather resistant, and highly effective impact absorption make dock bumpers one of the most essential components of the loading dock operation. With a variety of heights, widths, thicknesses, and the warranty to back them Loading Dock Supply has the bumper solution for every loading dock operation. We also offer a wide selection of molded dock bumpers and extruded dock bumpers. Select from Laminated Dock Bumpers, Extra Thick Dock Bumpers, Extra Long Dock Bumpers, Steel Faced Dock BumpersDurasoft Dock Bumpers, Molded Dock Bumpers, and Extruded Dock Bumpers.

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Dock Seal Construction

Dock Seals

Compression Dock Seals and Dock Shelters Dock Seals are essential to saving energy at the warehouse. Conserve the heating and cooling at the building by sealing the doorway to the trailer.

Loading Dock Ramps


Dock Boards and Dock Plates make great bridges for loading and unloading Semi Trailers. We have many styles and sizes to choose from: Aluminum Dock Plates and Aluminum Dock Boards, Steel Dockboards, Model T Dockboards, Red Pin Dock Boards, Container Ramps, Industrial Yard Ramps, Rail Boards and other ramps used for loading and unloading freight from Semi Trailers and Rail Cars.

Brush Seals

Brush Seal

Keep out rodents, insects, dust, and other irritations with pit leveler brush seals. Designed to fit in the space between your dock leveler and dock pit, brush seals effectively seal a dock leveler virtually air-tight when the roll up doors are closed. Choose from mechanically fastened or weldable brush seals available as single pieces or in kits for easy setup.

Pit Levelers

Pit Levelers

Offering greater service ranges than the EOD, Pit Leveler are an ideal solution for high traffic docks or those handling heavy loads.

dock light

Dock Lights

A Loading Dock Light will provide great illumination while loading or un-loading a trailer. We offer many different styles and sizes of dock lights. To see our collection please Read More.

Strip Doors

Strip Doors

Strip Door Kits are great alternatives for walk through doorways. The barrier a Strip Door provides will lower noise, and help save in heating or cooling costs. Loading Dock Supply offers assembled strip doors as well as strip door kits for the do it yourself applications.

Trailer Restraint

Trailer Restraints

Mechanical and Electric trailer restraints.

Crash Guards

Safety Barriers

Personnel and forklift crash guard barriers for use on the dock and warehouse.

Yard Ramps

Yard Ramp

Extra large ramps for access to heights greater than 35". Ideal for trailer to ground and dock to ground applications.

Steel Platforms

Steel Platforms

Loading Platforms - Designed for a variety of situations in the industrial community, loading platforms are a fast, economic way to expand your dock area and increase freight handling capabilities without the expense of site or concrete work.
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Loading Dock Equipment
October 31, 2019

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