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Dock Plates and Aluminum Ramps

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Dock Plates Designed For Non Powered Loading Applications

Small and large operations alike have need for light weight, hand portable, dock ramps for use with hand carts and non-motorized pallet jacks. Carrying over from our top of the line dock boards and ramps, Dock Plates from Loading Dock Supply use the same high quality ANSI rated Aluminum as the AC and BC model aluminum forklift ramps. Making them highest quality Dock Plates on the market.

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Aluminum Dock Plate
Model A

Aluminum Dock Board

Aluminum and Steel Dock Plates

  • For forklift use
  • Models with forklift lifting loops
  • Available with bolt on or welded curbs
  • Diamond Deck Tread
  • ANSI Standard MH30.2 Aluminum
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Spring Loaded Dock Plate

  • Mounts Permanently
  • No Dock Boards to store
  • Reach greater heights
  • Speed up the loading and unloading process
  • Increases Dock Safety
  • Compatible with forklifts
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Dock Plate Models


Model Max
(W x L)
A3024 1" 30" x 24" 42 lbs.
A3624 1" 36" x 24" 47 lbs.
A4824 1" 48" x 24" 58 lbs.
A6024 1" 60" x 24" 69 lbs.
A3030 2" 30" x 30" 49 lbs.
A3630 2" 36" x 30" 56 lbs.
A4830 2" 48" x 30" 69 lbs.
A6030 2" 60" x 30" 83 lbs.
A7230 2" 72" x 30" 97 lbs.
A3036 3" 30" x 36" 56 lbs.
A3636 3" 36" x 36" 64 lbs.
A4836 3" 48" x 36" 80 lbs.
A6036 3" 60" x 36" 97 lbs.
A7236 3" 72" x 36" 113 lbs.
A3642 4" 36" x 42" 75 lbs.
A4842 4" 48" x 42" 94 lbs.
A3048 5" 30" x 48" 73 lbs.
A3648 5" 36" x 48" 84 lbs.
A4848 5" 48" x 48" 105 lbs.
A6048 5" 60" x 48" 127 lbs.
A7248 5" 72" x 48" 149 lbs.
A3654 6" 36" x 54" 94 lbs.
A3660 7" 36" x 60" 105 lbs.
A4860 7" 48" x 60" 130 lbs.
A4872 8.5" 48" x 72" 154 lbs.


Model Max.
(W x L)
B3024 1" 30" x 24" 50 lbs.
B3630 2" 36" x 30" 68 lbs.
B4830 2" 48" x 30" 86 lbs.
B6030 2" 60" x 30" 104 lbs.
B7230 2" 72" x 30" 122 lbs.
B3636 3" 36" x 36" 79 lbs.
B4836 3" 48" x 36" 101 lbs.
B6036 3" 60" x 36" 122 lbs.
B7236 3" 72" x 36" 144 lbs.
B3648 5" 36" x 48" 106 lbs.
B4848 5" 48" x 48" 133 lbs.
B6048 5" 60" x 48" 163 lbs.
B4854 6" 48" x 54" 150 lbs.
B3660 7" 36" x 60" 130 lbs.
Options & Accessories
Part Descripton
ALC Lifting Chains
ALEG Extra leg with fasteners
ALH Loop Handles welded to each leg
R Legs set at 14" from end (Refrigerated trailer "reefer lip")
EZ EZ-Roll option Telescoping handles to place and move plate via casters
ASL Leg Location other than 2.5" from edge of plate

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Selecting Dock Plate Length

How to select Dock Plate Length

Dock Plate Length Chart

To ensure your dock plate will provide a sufficient grade for equipment used, measure the greatest difference between dock and truck height to find the differential.

When selecting the length for your dock plate use the Blue line to ensure you are getting the measurement for a 14% grade. If you do not see a length that will suit your differential you may need to consider an aluminum dock board or steel dock board.

  1. Match your greatest Differential to the increments on the left (Y-axis)
  2. Follow the line across until you intersect with the blue line.
  3. ​From there follow the line down to the Recommended Dock Plate length.
  4. Always round partial increments up never down.

Please note: Dock Plates are not designed for Gas & Electric powered equipment.

Dock Plates Vs Dock Boards

Dock Plates

  • Light Weight
  • Hand Portable
  • Slip Resistant Diamond deck
  • ​OSHA 1910.3 Compliant
  • Low Capacity
  • No Curbs
  • Risk of Runoff
  • Cannot be used with motorized equipment

Designed for lower volume loading environments where non-powered equipment is used. Light enough for placement by hand, Dock Plates are ideal for both the loading dock and to take out on delivery vehicles. The aluminum decking used on dock plates is the same as what's used on Aluminum Dock Boards; However, due to the lack of steel curbs dock plates are not capable of providing a fixed weight capacity.

All Dock Plates are manufactured and Tested in Compliance with ANSI standard MH30.2 
▶ Standard Dock Plates (Model A)
▶ Heavy Duty Dock Plates (Model B)

Dock Boards

  • Fixed Capacity
  • Steel Curbs
  • Steel locking legs or Pins
  • Slip resistant Diamond Deck
  • Certain models reach up to 21"
  • Heavy
  • Forklift required to place

Dock boards are designed in a variety of configurations and materials depending on the application. Although the major difference between dock plates and dock boards is the steel curbs, there are other differences presented in how they are used. Dock Boards are available with either steel legs or the more adjustable pin locking system. Unlike fixed steel legs, dock boards with steel pins offer a variable lip length that allows a single board to handle both standard trailers as well as refrigerated trailers. Boards and plates with legs aren't capable of increasing their lip length to accomodate both types of trailers; requiring two boards on site to load both types. 
All Dock Boards are manufactured and Tested in Compliance with ANSI standard MH30.2 
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Stocking Locations

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With access to a centrally located manufacturing facility and 7 quick ship locations, Loading Dock Supply offers offers extremely competitive shipping rates. 

Stocking Locations

  • California - Temple City
  • Washington - Seattle
  • Texas - Ft. Worth
  • Illinois - Chicago
  • Georgia - Atlanta
  • North Carolina - Charlotte
  • Maryland - Hagerstown

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When not available at a quick ship hub all Aluminum Dock Plates ship next day.

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Aluminum dock plates are great for small jobs!

Loading Dock Plates are handy products in any industry that uses wheels for product movement. Note: These light weight dock plates are not to be used with powered equipment.
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