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Yard Ramp Selection Guide

When selecting yard ramp keep 5 factors in mind

  1. What is the smallest and largest width of trailers to be serviced?
  2. Are pallets placed or removed near the opening?
  3. Will the entire width of the trailer opening be required for unloading?
  4. The Yard Ramps working width is 6" less than the overall width
  5. The working width should be 15" wider than the equipment in use​
Ramp Type Ground to dock
30' all incline
Ground to Truck
30' incline
/w 6' level off
Caster model
/w 6' level off
Wheel Diameter 18" 18" ​8"
Raised Lip Height 72" 67" 59"
Lowered Lip Height 40" 39" 42"
% of grade at 50" high 14% 14% 14%
Curb Heights 8" 8" ​8"
Carrier End Treadplate 30" reinforced apron with 15" lip

Yard Ramp Capacity Calculation

​​To ensure your ramp will operate as intended, without premature dishing (warping) from stress and heavy loads, we use a simple calculation that takes into consideration the load weight dispersed between four wheeled and three wheeled forklifts.

Four wheeled forklifts
3 X (Forklift Carrying Capacity) = Suggested Capacity

Three wheeled forklifts
4 X (Forklift Carrying Capacity) = Suggested Capacity

If the ramp is to be operated in excess of 8 hours a day or if specialized equipment will use the ramp we recommend calling 1800-741-1258 or submitting a request for information for additional support in your selection.

Forklift for yard ramp

Yard Ramp Width Requirements

To the right an 8'6" wide LTL truck opening is depicted with a 70" wide yard ramp on the left and an 84" model on the right. The opening size of an 8'6" trailer is commonly 93". Note how the 70" wide yard ramp does not take up enough of the opening to allow easy access to both pallets without repositioning, whereas the 84" model is capable of reaching both pallets without repositioning.

Our commonly stocked widths are 70" and 84" wide, both of these widths are ideal for almost all over the road LTL trailers. If your application is for an open dock, railcar, or loading dock door you may want a wider ramp; in these cases your Yard ramp can be ordered at specified widths.

Note: Ramps over 10' wide will be split into two sections (these will require onsite welding by a certified welder). While we typically do not recommend making your ramp at a width wider than your opening size we do have several options that will help accommodate this need. Call 1800-741-1258 to find out more about these options.

Forklift width vs yard ramp width

6' Level-Off on 36' Model vs No Level-Off

The 6' level off on the 36' ramp model is ideal for use with trucks and other low clearance door ways. The benefit of the level off comes from the ease of loading and unloading the rear of the trailer; it also serves to improve movement into and out of the trailer. For permanent and semi permanent dock to ground applications we offer the 30' all incline model. This model should not be used for truck to ground loading.

Ramp Mobility Options

Hydraulic Undercarriage
Our standard yard ramp models are built with hydraulic steel undercarriages designed to raise the ramp up to dock or truck level. The undercarriages solid rubber tires also make movement of the ramp across short distances exceptionally easy. To raise the undercarriage a double-acting hydraulic pump is accessible through a convenient hole in the deck grating. This makes inserting and operating the removable arm a hassle free operation.
Note: The stock yard ramp tires are not suitable for use on loose gravel substrates for these applications we offer optional pneumatic tires (air-filled).

  • Tubular steel box undercarriage assembly
  • 18" solid rubber pneumatic profile tires​
  • Double-acting
  • Two hydraulic cylinders

Adjustable Legs with casters
If you would rather use an adjustable legs rather than an undercarriage to raise and lower your ramp our caster models make for an ideal choice. Designed with 8" caster wheels for ease of movement, this model effortlessly moves across concrete surfaces. Ask a sales rep about this option.

  • Simple movement with ramp clamp or tow bar
  • Lower maintenance costs compared with hydraulic pumps or electric motors
  • Durable steel casters and adjustable legs
  • Normal service range is 42” to 59”, but special orders can accommodate different heights
Yard Ramp Undercarriage
Yard Ramp Undercarriage

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