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Wheel chock model 8-88 in use

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Prevent accidental movement of freight trailers during the loading and unloading process with a pair of wheel chocks. Available in several materials and shapes, wheel chocks from Loading Dock Supply are ready to get you OSHA compliant, keeping both you and your equipment safe.

Model 68-9 (8" wide x 5 3/4" high x 9" long)
Our standard wheel chock is molded from tough fiber-reinforced rubber compound.  This wheel chock is well suited for trailer trucks and other heavy equipment however it also works great for cars, trailers and other vehicles found in non commercial applications.

Model 88-8 (8" wide x 8" high x 8" long)
Our premium wheel chock is made from laminated rubber pads assembled on 3/4" bolts and compressed between 1/4" steel plates.  This wheel chock is contoured to fit the tire and is also reversible.  Meets OSHA requirements.

Model 811-7 (11 3/4" wide x 8 1/4" high x 9" long)
Our molded urethane wheel chock is contoured to fit truck tires and designed to grip both the tire and the pavement.  (Will not harm macadam).  This wheel chock is lightweight yet heavy duty.

Model SC-8 (11 5/8" wide x 8" high x 7" long)
Our non sparking extruded aluminum wheel chock is lightweight with surface gripping teeth on the underside.

Wheel chocks are used to prevent a trailer or vehicle from rolling out of a stationary position by use of trailer weight and pressure on the wheel chock.

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  Name Product Id Price
Wheel Chock 68-9 (Style 68-9)  WC68-9B Wheel Chock

Molded Rubber Wheel Chock
8" x 5 3/4" x 9"

WC68-9B   $13.00  
Wheel Chock 811-7 (Style-8117)  WC68-9OR Wheel Chock

Molded Rubber Wheel Chock
8" x 5 3/4" x 9"

WC68-9OR   $26.00  
Wheel Chock 88-8   WC88-8B Wheel Chock

Laminated Rubber Wheel Chock
8" x 8" x 8"

WC88-8B   $31.00  
Wheel Chock 811-7 (Style-8117)  WC811-7B Wheel Chock

Urethane (Orange)
11 3/4" x 8 1/4" x 7 5/8"

WC811-7B   $36.00  
Wheel Chock 811-7 (Style-8117)  WCSC-8B Metal Aluminum Wheel Chock

Molded Aluminum
5" X 11 5/8" X 7"

WCSC-8B   $65.00  

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OSHA Compliant Wheel Chocks

Loading Dock Supply wheel chocks meet regulations for OSHA specification 1910.178 (k), requiring wheel chocks to be placed under rear wheels of Dry Van Trailers, Reefer Trailers, Overseas Containers, Box Trucks, and other forms of freight docked at the loading dock.

Uses for wheel chocks

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October 31, 2019

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